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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Tuesday 05.15.2001

Day 17

This morning Laura woke up crying at 7am. Took a bit to calm her down, as she awoke in a strange place. Diaper was dry- put her on the pot & she peed. Watching game 2 of Col/StL. Laura eating & playing. Will meet Sheila/Ben at Tsum (shhh...don't tell Tatyana) 4pm will go to US Embassy.

After 10am Jim went to the internet cafe to read/send emails. Checked George-2 hits-emailed the work gang about videotaping Sponge Bob.
Back at the apt. to wait for Sheila's call to meet at Tsum. Sheila finally called after 1pm-there'd be no time for her to get to Tsum as Ben was ready to sleep now. (Sheila had been to the rug factory and bank). We took Laura for a stroller ride to Tsum.
Got Sarah a Kazak girl hat with feathers (to match Laura's)
Had another Baskin Robbins & back to the apt.
Igor picked us up after 3:30pm to go to the US Embassy.
We met Don, Tatyana, Sheila, & Ben outside.
Went inside, signed kids passports, filled out a questionnaire & waited briefly.
Girl form North Carolina (who was heading home in a couple of days to go to med. school) told us everything was in order.
(Meanwhile, a woman adopting three older girls was having paperwork problems & the embassy staff was arguing with her coordinator)
A few minutes later we left.
Gave Tatyana & Igor their gifts.
Due to be picked up at 5:30am on Wednesday for trip to Moscow.
After 7pm Olga & Edward came over with dinner. Gave them their gifts, said good-byes & they left.
Spent evening packing and went to bed at 10pm. (Alarm set for 4:30am)

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